Sunday, 25 March 2012

A busy weekend

Lots happening this weekend and I'm knackered now! First off I cleared all the weeds from the soft fruit bed and then spread a little mulch over it. I think I should probably add some more. I really wanted to crack on and get this done at the weekend as the rhubarb was starting to look impressive but one of the crowns was competing with a teazel weed.... The raspberries have perked up from last year,  but the blackberries are still looking very sorry for themselves. So I've put some plastic bottles over them - I'm not sure if they've been munched or not, so if they have then this will help.

The other really big thing was to clear and build up the two veg beds that have been gathering weeds for the last 18 months. I cleared out all of the weeds and grass that rooted and even tried to get rid of the roots as well.  Then we added another layer of boards to the side of the existing bed and built the new bed with new posts and boards.  Both of these were filled with the soil that Mal is taking from the polytunnel area (more on that below), and the closest one now has red onions planted.


Not only all that, but Mal's also finished clearing all the turf off the area for the polytunnel and started levelling from the bottom corner.....