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I like learning stuff. That’s what it’s all about really.  When work gets a bit dull I find something new to get stuck into.  As a kid I was into creative things – dancing then playing the piano and flute, but not really making much (I dabbled).  Then at Uni I was into the outdoors scene – lots of hiking in the Lake District and partaking of fine ales.  Some friends moved to the Peak District and introduced us to mountain biking, and that was me hooked on bikes for life.  I’m not really bothered which bike, but being out and about with one of them makes me smile.

When we moved to North Wales and bought a house with a ridiculous sized garden I took up horticulture – with that much land it would be rude not to.  This blog started as a way to document what was happening in the garden – first with the vegetable production and then on to the rest. But then I found I struggled in the dark winter evenings being in the house by myself (the better half being away working).  To occupy my brain I started quilting, and was gifted an amazing sewing machine (Janome Memory Craft 9000, if you’re interested) which fueled the interest even further.  Then the BBC ran their first series of the Great British Sewing Bee (2013), and I decided to try making my own clothes.  I've been busily crafting away ever since!

So this blog is a reflection of all of that.  It’s not a sewing blog, it’s a ME blog.  There may be bike porn, tomato photos, quilty goodness, and wardrobe malfunctions, but they are all about me!  Unfortunately I’m very self-conscious (I hide it well if you meet me in ‘real life’ though, I think?), so writing about myself, and (heaven forbid) having my photo taken are quite a mental struggle at times.  Forgive me for the naff photos?

Thank-you for stopping by,
Feb 2015

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