Monday, 21 September 2015

Sunday Sevens - 20th September

Yes I know, late and I missed a week but I didn't really have much to show.... Here's my seven shots for Natalie's Sunday sevens!

1. Calgary corporate challenge... The mountain biking at Olympic Park was ridiculously hot, I went off way too fast on the first circuit and was knackered by the second so my time was terrible.

2. Corporate challenge again. This time the 10k run. Cooler temperatures, a bit of drizzle and an early morning start made for a much more plesant experience.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy participating in running events. Note to self - must get out more...

3. A soggy ride to work, fortunately I take my own drying rack with me....

4. A sew day, so lots of progress on my cookie blouson... And practise crazy selfie shots in the mirror... Whoooaaa!

5. Up crazy early to meet the club for a hike, so I was treated to a cracking 'post Chinook' sunrise (I have no idea if this happens every time...)

6. A drizzly day in the mountains. Relaxing hike up to Burstall Pass in Kananaskis to check out the turning larches.

7. I can't do a blog post with only one mountain shot.

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