Friday, 25 May 2012

About time

Really the first spell of proper dry weather we've had this spring, and it's really showing in the garden. The ground is still completely waterlogged so it's tough to get out and do much.

This weekend however, I've finally managed to get some turnip and spinach seeds in one of the house beds, but in the process have trashed the soggy grass all around the bed (just shows how wet it is). The garlic is coming along nicely so has been transplanted into one of the new veg garden beds. Finally, the new potatoes and peas are starting to peak through the soil, and fortunately nothing can deter the onions from doing their thing!

Onions without weeds (won't last long...)

Disappointingly I have a small rodent problem in the cold frames so have lost most of the tomato seedlings that I potted on last weekend... The mouse traps have been deployed and are being emptied on a daily basis. The sprout and pumpkin seedlings haven't been attacked, or any flowers so I guess it's the smell of the tomato plants they go for.

Mal has been going great guns with the polytunnel excavation. The retaining walls and gravel drainage is now complete, we just need to remove a bit more soil from what will be the inside of the tunnel so it'll be easier Ti build the beds.