Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Hot and tired

That was hard work.... Again, I didn't drink enough during the morning so was dehydrated by run time.  But then getting to the proper hill climb section and my calves were absolutely screaming - I'm assuming its the impact from the long run two days ago.  Felt fine at the time, and afterwards, but when running they were very sore.

Looking at the splits, the pace wasn't that bad on the hill sections.  I was obviously tired and suffering from the heat because the downhill sections were slower than last time I did this route.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fair way

After a cracking weekend with the new Mr and Mrs Miles, and a visit from the Baxter boys it was time to get out on a long run.  Half marathon is getting closer so I really should get some more miles in.

I took the 7.5mi loop that I do from the house and out to Golly and Burton Green, and added an extra bit at the bottom of the hill to add the extra mile.  Unfortunately this still left me with the hideous climb up to Croes Howell!!

It wasn't really that bad.  I love the first bit of the run with the up and downs round Shorley and Golly which might be because its generally down hill! I tried to keep the pace slower 9.30/10 min miles, so that I'd have plenty for later on.  That worked well for the rest of the run, although I did have the usual achy knee problems because of the increasing distance.  I'm hoping that will disappear as I get used to the distances.

I managed to keep it going all the way up the steep hill and didn't have to walk at the top - well I was running, but it was very very slow!