Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sodden sunshine

Some good progress was made today, I can tell by the fact that my muscles are stiffening up!  After collecting six bags of very good manure during the week, we dug four of them into the trench for the hedgerow that's going around the new vegetable garden.

Then I continued with the long task of clearing the flower beds that surround the patio. Happily I made it all the way to the corner of the wall.  There were lots of stones to take out, both small and large, an old raised bed structure with rotten wood and an almost collapsed willow hurdle.  I salvaged the uprights from that but the rest was rotted and went into the garden waste.  By the time I'd removed all that I was down to the layers of sodden soil and puddles were forming, so I abandoned it for the day.  The remaining manure was dug into the other flower bed which is pretty much ready for planting, unless I can persuade the OH to build up the stones a bit more so I can have a deeper bed!

Noticing that the tips of the tulips are just peaking through in the patio pots I decided it was time to move them around to the front of the house.  This involved many trips with the wheelbarrow, and a Rosie dog escaping out of the garden! Tidied up the leaves around the front, and moved some of the pots that need a bit of TLC...

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