Thursday, 20 September 2012

Thurs 20th: Lewis to Harris

Ok we cheated. We were both tired after five days of cycling and not looking forward to the cycle back from Stornaway to Tarbert after having already done most of it in the other direction. So as we were on holiday and could do what we liked- we got the bus!!

Bikes and panniers easily went in the luggage compartment and it trundled back over the Harris hills to Tarbert.

Morag the Travelling Coo
Once back, we had the great idea of cycling out to Scalpay island - round trip of approx 16 miles, but not before acquiring a small Highland heifer who wanted to come along for the ride...

On the road to Scalpay looking towards S.Harris and the CalMac ferry
I'm so glad we did - it was lovely. Not a flat ride but the road dipped down into coves and over headlands. The community cafe/shop on the island was fantastic - very friendly, humongous pieces of cake and endless tea. After a while stuffing ourselves we pooled to the end of the road and thought about walking out to the headland to look at the lighthouse. But then it started raining. So we didn't!

On the way back Harris threw it's best as us yet again - absolute downpour/hailstones the lot. Luckily we'd learnt from previous episodes and put waterproofs on 'just in case'!
From Scalpay looking back towards the Harris Hills

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