Friday, 3 January 2014


It's important for a quilt to know who it belongs to.....

I've been experimenting with labels on my quilts as I've been going along.  My first attempt at hand embroidery didn't go well so I tried writing them with a fabric pen.  This was better, but I still wasn't convinced.

My sewing machine has a number of embroidery settings and after getting a hoop for it for my birthday I gave that a go as well. The results look very impressive, but the satin stitch is a bit big and grand for my quilt labels!

Ages ago the lovely Moira at Kettleboiler sent me some t-shirt transfer paper to try, after I commented on some ace labels she made for clothes.

Well I've finally got around to it.....

Not bad for a first attempt I say, I just need to experiment with the space and borders.  My favorite is the label for Oceania, there's 1/2" of white around the text and 1 1/2" patterned fabric border.  If I was really organised I'd sew these on the backing of my quilts (like Kelly suggests in her tutorial), but as I'm not I'll have to hand sew them on!

I also made some smaller labels for other gifts using some cotton webbing, and a couple of practice 'brand' ones.... (more on that another time).


  1. Love the labels. Look forward to Little Welsh Barn!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Moira, hope you had a great Christmas/NY!