Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Striped bats

I know I haven't blogged anything for ages so there’s a huge backlog of stuff to show.  I was really good a couple of weeks back and had a blitz on the outstanding sewing items – I really should do the same here! So in no particular order….

Here’s my Named Blair batwing shirt.  This was a labour of love really, the fabric is really really light jersey (Viscose stretch from Minerva) and significantly different to only other jersey I've used (for my as yet unblogged Named Dakota dress and Sewaholic Renfrew top).  I didn't realise it would be such a pain to sew – or cut! Trying to cut it out the fabric was moving about so much I ended up cutting each piece individually rather than folding the fabric over, and next time I'm definitely going to break out the rotary cutter…

Construction is pretty easy, only the front, back and two sleeves so it comes together really quickly and I stabilised the shoulder seems with a bit of leftover cotton selvage.  I did sort of try to match up the stripes on the front/back but it wasn't really going to work for the sleeves.

I got a twin needle to try out…. I did a few practise runs on scraps and then tried around the neck line.  I don’t know what happened but it chewed up the fabric (too light maybe? I was even using my walking foot!) and I had to unpick half a dozen times. Eventually I gave up and just put in a single row of stitches.

So given all that, I’m not really impressed with my finish on the top. However I love the loose floatiness of it, and it’s definitely something I’ll wear in the summer over vest tops.  I’d like to make another in a slightly heavier fabric, but the trauma is blocking the inspiration at the moment…..

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