Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I am Number One

Last Sunday I did my first Tri of the year - hopefully there will be more to follow! I did the same one for the first time last year and enjoyed it even with a hideous chest infection. But then the rest of the year was a write off with various other cold/coughs (all attributed to evil work air-con).  I'm really hoping that I can keep the exercise levels up (training is to strong a word for it!) and actually improve on my times rather than just getting round. 

Saying that I did actually finish 2 minutes faster this year! The 400m pool swim was endured (having only been swimming a couple of times this year!) - but I wasn't first out in my wave (the first wave as well hence I was #1!!) so didn't have that couple of second leading the race like last year! I was quickly over taken by other Club racers but I did manage to catch up with the girl who'd beaten me out of the pool. That's the trouble with being in the first wave - there's no one to chase down and overtake...

The outward leg of the bike phase is ever so slightly uphill - so it's not obvious you're gaining height, it just feels like you're knackered!! Returning felt so easy just spinning along - I probably should have been working harder!

Out of transition for the is straight up hill so you feel knackered and wibbly legged but after 5 minutes or so I started to get back into running rhythm. I was feeling surprisingly good on the run phase, even with the lack of training. The chest infection must have taken it out if me last year. 

Finishing the race I did feel I should have pushed myself further, especially as I realised afterwards that I was only a few second behind one of the Club gents, so might heve been able to catch him if I'd upped my run pace a bit.

Oh well there's always next year (and Deva Diva in the summer, and Newbury in autumn)....

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