Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Baby memories

Greetings strangers! There's been lots happening around here so not much sewing or gardening going on... But today I'm actually making some progress! I promised a memory quilt to the minister at my Mum's church, made with babygrows from their first born. To my shame they gave me the bags of clothes back in February, but I hadn't started until this week.

A bit of Internet research, and I came up with a plan.  I'm cutting them down to useable pieces (backs and fronts, basically) then interfacing to stabilise the fabric. They're all knit fabric so if I didn't they'd be impossible to piece together and quilt. 

My plan is to piece together scraps in rows and then join the rows, so I'm cutting and organising the pieces into piles of equal height for the rows. I'll worry about the length of the rows when I join them together. Depending on how much fabric I can get from the clothes, I may end up adding in some rows of quilting fabric. I'm aiming for a finished quilt size of about 4' x 5'.

I'm approaching an impasse now though... There's a second bag of clothes and not much interfacing left....

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