Saturday, 7 April 2012

Moss and sneezing

Mal had a bit of help from Alice (my cousin-in-law) last weekend and has made a real push this weekend, so the digging out for the poly-tunnel is pretty much complete! I think he's not happy with the down-slope edge as he took a bit too much soil out, so is planning on putting a bit back in and stamping it down. He also wants to put a small drainage channel around the down-slope and new fence sides, so it can drain to the bottom corner and into a new drainage ditch!

My contribution to all this effort was to suggest that he starts building the new vegetable beds for this area, so that he has somewhere to put all the excavated soil.

I like to do a tour of the garden when I haven't been out there for a while (week), just to see how everything's growing, what need care, what's taking over etc. This time I found an interesting hole in the grass pile. This is last year's pile of grass behind the conifers.

The hole is about 10 inches across and is at the back of the pile, facing out to the field. I think it's either a fox or a badger, but probably a fox.

I thought it was time I got cracking with the vegetable planting for this year (I have been a bit slack, everything is a bit late). So the tomato seeds I planted a few weeks back have germinated so have been potted on to 3'' pots. They do look a bit lost now.

The leek and chili seeds have germinated and are doing well, but I'd like them to be a bit more established before I do anything with them.

I've also planted seeds for more chili's (different variety), sweet peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

I spent most of the afternoon walking slowly backwards and forwards across the lawn with next-doors borrowed scarifier. Very tedious! Got loads of moss and rubbish out of the lawn though, enough to fill the tractor up six times.... Hopefully, I'll get a chance tomorrow to do the rest of the lawn area then we can think about putting some seed down.
Oh, yeah. Sneezing. I suspect scarifying is not good for those of us that are allergic to pollen.

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