Sunday, 22 April 2012

The potatoes are in.... (and other things)

Well after cleaning and treating the wall last weekend, I was really keen to crack on with the planting.  The weather forecast hasn't been looking good for but on Saturday I managed to dodge the showers and still manage to achieve what I wanted.  Started off with digging it over a bit and turning in a bit more manure, then it was time to work out where everything was going to go.
I'd already made a list of all the plants I had available along with their height and spread - I'd been collecting them over the last year - some grown from seed, others bought as plants (in the sales if possible!).  Pretty much all of them are perennial.... Well annuals aren't really an investment are they!

That was pretty much all I did on Saturday, as in the morning we went round local builders merchants looking for wood to shore up the polytunnel excavation.

Sunday's activities included planting the early potatoes - think they should be ready by July.  Also planted one row of peas, and am trying out the cloche to give them a boost.

Popped around to the Grosvenor to get some more compost and as always I checked out the bargain bin! Picked up half a dozen small herb plants so I've put them in one of the wooden troughs.  They look quite healthy so I'm confident that they'll take.  What I was most proud of was the Alstromeria in the 3ltr tub that I picked up - £4 instead of £10!  Looks a bit sorry for itself now, but I've potted into a bigger tub so hopefully it'll perk up.  Eventually it can go in the second flower bed (when it's built/cleared).

Few other things of note from the weekly garden tour.....

  • There are four pots of heuchera under a tree in the copse - and something has made a nest between them.
  • My apple trees have pretty flower buds :-)

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