Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Aladdin's cave

 Gill at work keeps telling me how amazing the fabric shop Abakhan in Mostyn is, so with a requirement to get lots of fabric for various projects I went off to investigate... It's amazing!  There are multiple buildings, a big two storey one full of fabric, a knitting building, a craft building and a cafe.  I was in my element - armed with my shopping list I wandered around, but I was so in awe that I just didn't know where to start!  There are big cages full of different types of scrap fabrics, all priced per the kilo (yes, kilo not metre!) so it's just a case of routing through them and finding what you want.  And even though I said "scraps" some of the fabric is full width and 2-3m long.
So this is what contributed to the state of the living room at the moment....

I've finished the top and the back for the Bleakley baby quilt, so there was a process of clearing space and then taping the quilt out to baste it (pin it) which took a while and hurt my fingers!  I got a bit carried away as well, so did all the cutting out for Nan's quilt.  There was a plan to do something fairly complicated which would take a while, so I decided to simplify and just do simple blocks like this

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