Thursday, 29 November 2012

Much cuteness

After making some very cute bunting for baby Hollie from Moda's fairy ballerina fabric, her Mum asked if I could make a beanbag as I did for Hollie's brother.  I wasn't sure how the Moda fabric would hold out as a beanbag fabric as it's just standard medium weight cotton.  So I went hunting in the curtain shop for some matching heavier weight fabric.  I found a lovely dusky pink stripped fabric that I think matched the fairies.
I do like making beanbags as they're so easy to do (and quick!), and you don't have to be so careful about accuracy. The only slightly fiddley thing is putting the zip in - I couldn't get a long enough one for the whole of the base so there are two that meet in the centre. I may have put a few too many beans in the  bag as it's quite solid, but they'll squidge down with small people jumping on it....

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