Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow bear!

Well it had to be done, with that big a garden and that much snow (well it wasn't that deep really) we just had to make a snowman or two.  I started off by myself with great plans for some amazing work of art.  But then the snowball got bigger and heavier and harder to move, so I drafted in some small people to help from next-door.  Then not wanting to be left out (although he should have really stayed inside in the warm), Mal had to come and help too.

Turns out that sitting on top of a massive snowball is great fun....

I'm not quite sure how they managed it, but somehow Mal and Charles got the three bits of the snowman on top of each other, then everyone started packing him out a bit. Of course, it didn't take long for the small people to get bored - snowball fights and sledging down the meadow provided light relief.

My plan was a whole family of snow people, but I was overruled so we ended up with a snow dog/bear thing.  Turned out that a wood saw is quite good on snow!

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