Monday, 4 February 2013

Upcycle experiment

I scavenged a pair of trousers that Mal was chucking out and decided to experiment with them - trying to create a tote bag. 

First I cut the legs off just below the crotch, then unpicked the inside seam and laid them flat.  I pinned the waist band, marked out and cut a vaguely square shape -

The base width ended up being about 23', with the height about 16' so I cut out two rectangles from the lining fabric of this size. In the end this was a bit big, especially around the waist band and I had to put pin-tucks in so I might try just using the outer bag as a template the next time.

On the outer I sewed around the sides and a long the bottom, then on the bottom corners to create a base I matched the side and bottom seam and the sewed across the corner (about 4'). I did the same when making the liner.

From the legs I cut 4' strips and joined them to make the bag straps - I did a diagonal join as I think it looks neater.

I think it looks quite good, and it's huge! I can fit loads of books in and with the two wide straps it shouldn't kill my shoulder too much.  As it's from a pair of trousers there are loads of pockets as well.

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