Thursday, 8 August 2013

Enough already

I'm bored, I've had enough.  The Snowy Owl quilt is coming along but slowly, mainly because weekends in July were filled with other activities. It looks cool but all those corners mean it takes me ages to quilt.  I've just got bored of it, and want to start doing other things but I really need to get it finished so I'm trying to be strong!! Should I resist the draw of new projects?

Didn't help that today I went to the Festival of Quilts (might get around to blogging/posting photos of that later).  I was very good though.  I only bought a wedge template and equilateral triangle template, some cute 1/8th of Japanese fabric, and 13 FQ's for a baby boy quilt due in November....  I couldn't resist and had to press the fabric, but I will not let myself cut any more until I've done more Snowy Owl quilting!!

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