Friday, 2 August 2013

How sophisticated!

It's finished, and I must say it looks mighty fine!

I had an early morning session earlier in the week and set in the second sleeve (check out those cuffs - how sharp?!), and then sewed on the collar and lapels.  I must have unpicked and re-sewn the lapels three or four times before I was happy with how the lined up, and sat.  But this time I was determined to not rush to get it finished.

I'm kinda happy with the sleeves, I think there's a bit of gather, but I did find it quite challenging to ease them in.  Something that will improve with practise I suspect.

I've pinned the corners of lapels and I'm not sure if I'll do the collar as well. I think I might.  Or wait and see what it looks like when washed and pressed.

So to the details -
Pattern is the Victoria Blazer by the beautiful ladies at By Hand London
Shell is Moss Crepe in Heather Grey, and lining is Vintage Lavender (that's what it said on the label).  It's a really soft cotton (lawn?).  Both came from the Abakhan Mostyn store on one of their 70% sale nights (and yes, £12 per metre lining material was reduced by that much - I win!).
I did a size 10 without any modifications.

Now I hate having photos of myself taken or looking at photos of me, but reading everyone's sewing blogs I realised that I have to actually have photos of the things I make with me in them.  So here goes, don't laugh..... (well, just quietly to yourselves)

That crocosmia has to go, it's completely the wrong colour scheme....

So how do you get the camera expose and focus correctly when using the self timer?

Never mind all that, check out all those the bumble bees on the globe thistles!

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