Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Frantic catchup

I've been a bit slack recently, what with trying to get the Snowy Owl quilt done and lots of visitors in the sunny weather, so I'm a bit behind on my participation with the Victoria Blazer sewalong.

Last week I managed to get the fabric cut for the shell (and only used 1.25m result! Might have enough fabric left for a mini skirt!) and started sewing together the front and back.

The 'crazy' front dart thing was fine, not that hard.  But easing the collar bit to the back was a bit more tricky. Looks OK so far don't you think?

Now I've sewn together all the collar, lapel and cuff pieces and finally got around to cutting out the fabric for the lining.  Just need to finish sewing that together, and sort out the sleeves on the shell then I think I've caught up....

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