Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The girl is back in town

Yay! Beautiful beast is back from the Sewing machine doctor and singing sweetly.  Big up to Paul Stace Sewing Machines in Wrexham for struggling with over sensitive electronics....

So that means, after a couple of weeks back with the baby machine and only being able to piecing, and making clothes and bean bags, I can finally start quilting!

I think I need one more octagon inside the patterned fabric (about 5'' diameter on the smallest one there), what do you think? 

I'm not quite sure what else to do in the big white area (bottom left) - there will be another vertical line  through the narrow bit above that branches out left and right into the area but I think that will still be too big an area so I might end up doing octagons there to.

I've been marking the lines as I'm going along with tailors chalk but its a bit thick and hard to get it accurate. So after seeing Lee @ Freshlypieced mention the FriXion pens I thought I'd give them a go (and I'm linking up with the WIP Wednesday!).


  1. I like your idea of having more octagons inside the patterned fabric, and in the white sections - and really going with the octagony-ness of it all!

  2. Lee's suggestion of FriXion pens inspired me too! Your owl quilt looks darling, can't wait to see it finished!