Monday, 1 July 2013


I've finished two bean bag liners and they're waiting to be filled - that's a least a two person job though otherwise you get polystyrene beads everywhere, so it'll have to wait for a while.  One of the outers for the bean bags is finished as well... The little machine struggled a bit with the thickness of the fabric and zips etc so I had to force it through.

In more exciting news, the fabric for the Miette skirt is cut and I've started with sewing on the pockets.  I decided I wanted a bias tape edge from leftover fabric for the Tova top, so had a little experiment in making my own.  There's an excellent tutorial on the Colette Patterns website - here.  The only change I made to the instructions was the width of the tape - I decided I wanted a bit more fabric showing on the outside of my pockets so I increased the width of the tape to 1.5''.  I don't own a bias tape maker either so I had to do fiddly things with my iron.  The creases ended up being not that even, but the end result wasn't too bad?!

The plain blue cord like fabric that I'm using for the main part of the skirt is also fairly thick and the little machine struggled a bit with the thickness of the front centre seam with the pockets as well. But we got there in the end.  I'll be so happy when the big machine is back from the Doctor!  In fact, tonight I might even pin the Snowy Owl quilt in preparation.....

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