Sunday, 15 September 2013

Bella One

 I bought some lovely summer cotton lawn during my visit to Goldhawk Road and the plan was always to use it to make a Belladone (from Deer & Doe) but I as this was my first time making a dress I decided to make a muslin.  I got this fabric from Abakhan bargain bins and I had a plan for it, but I can't remember what...

I'm not really sure that I like the fabric, but I was very impressed with how easily this came together. Most of it was done last Sunday, but I didn't have a zip and ran out of bias tape for the neck so I didn't finish at the time.

This was the first time that I graded a pattern as well, I cut a EU 38 at the bust and hip but graded it out at the waist, and it worked! The fit is pretty good, and everything still fitted together!

The zip was another first, it's an invisible one (and I used an invisible zipper foot) and with help from the Colette Tutorial I managed to fit it pretty well. I even managed to get the waistband on either side almost level!


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    1. Thanks Moria, hope you're well! How's the running going? ;-p

  2. Nice job:-) I'm in awe of your dressmaking skills. I'm not sure I could cope with anything that req;uires that much attention to detail! Look forward to seeing Bella Two.

    1. Thanks Catherine! It's no worse that getting patchwork seams to match! I think I might leave Bella two until next year, Wales is feeling definitely autumnal now (down to 4 degrees in the polytunnel last night!)

  3. What a beautiful dress. Very flattering and professional looking. Great job.

  4. Looks really well made! I like the contrasting binding you used. Pretty!