Monday, 2 September 2013

Path #2

I have this humongous plan in my head that one day the whole lawn area will be surrounded by an edge that you can mow up to with the tractor and not need a strimmer or smaller lawn mower for any of it!

The garden had no paths through the lawn when we moved in, and in the first year Mal built the first path, so I can get to the shed without getting muddy! 

Second year was the year of the polytunnel.

This year, we have the start of the edging path.

There was lots of debate on materials.  Path #1 is paving slabs of indian sandstone - but that was too much for this smaller path.  Then there were bricks - but they were too deep.  So we have brick pavers - in a selection of three sizes, and a rustic look.

So if you have a really hard working OH with 4 days off work, you get a significant amount of path complete.  Including cutting turf, digging out, carrying through gravel for the base and bricks, and laying it all....

There was a fair bit of fiddling to get the curve right, but it turned out right in the end.

I just need to crack on now - dig up and divide the geranium, possibly move the hydrangea, and try and get rid of some of the horsetail....

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