Tuesday, 23 September 2014

BHL Anna, trying again...

I didn't really like my first Anna dress, so much so that it never made it to the blog.  I think it was the fabric - some cheap polyester that I bought in Goldhawk Road that was a bit too clingy for me.  I tried to add arms to the pattern like the tutorial on the By Hand London blog, but I mucked up the sizing and they were way too tight, so I had to cut them off.  See, hideous!!

I wanted to give Anna a second shot and thought that a nicer fabric would be the way to go.  This is quilting weight cotton - Cuzco Plumage by Kate Spain for Moda, and I've lined the whole dress with some polyester Habotai. I cut a 12 at the bust and hips, graded to 14 at the waist, and added an inch to the bodice length.

I love this dress, I've worn it pretty much every week since it was finished!!! And because it's lined, I can pair it with cardie/tights/boots for the winter! 


  1. Are those bricks serving a purpose, or have they just fallen off your house? Modern art?

    1. Path left overs I think. Doubt the house is falling down, it's been there a couple of 100 years or so.... :-D

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