Friday, 10 October 2014

Progress of sorts

I've decided I need to blog more! Even if I don’t have anything finished to show… So here goes….

Last Saturday morning was designated sew day, so I started sewing my MCalls 6515 Viscose trousers together. I wasn't sure how the viscose would behave as this is the first time I've used it – I thought it might pucker as it’s very light, or might slide around.  But in fact it was remarkably easy and behaved very well. The only thing I did notice was that my cutting out technique is terrible, I really need to think of a way to complete it much more neatly (without resorting to rotary cutter all the time).

Having finished two quilt tops the previous weekend I decided to crack on with the quilting. I had enough fabric (with a bit of cutting and piecing) in a lurid pink colour for the back of the Papillion quilt so this went first.  I was going to do all the quilting on one diagonal and across all the points of the squares.  I picked out two colours of pink thread to alternate the rows.

Now that I've done one direction, I'm thinking that it doesn't look quite right. So I'm going to do the opposite direction as well.

After sewing time, it was gardening time.  And more specifically “cutting the hedge with the petrol trimmer with a temperamental 2-stroke engine and very sensitive choke” time.  By the end my arms were dead. The upshot being that Mal has decided we need to buy a nicer hedge trimmer.  Result!

And because photos of hedges aren't that exciting, you can have a picture of polytunnel produce.  I have to say I'm very impressed with the crop of Ailsa Craig tomatoes, lots of roasted tomato sauce has been made.  Which may have been the reason for planting that variety in the first place…….  Next year I need to be a bit more on the ball and plant earlier, and get more cherry tomatoes in as well!

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