Wednesday, 12 November 2014

By Hand London Anna, again? Surely not!

Yep, not satisfied with two (here) I decided another one was in order. This started with the fabric - I was in Abakhan buying supplies off the list and desperately trying not to purchase anything that wasn't included. However I spotted this wax cotton in the fabric bins and it was meant to be! Bonus - when I got it to the tills it was only £10 and there was about 5.5 metres there!!

We're off on holiday in a couple of weeks time, so what I really needed was a maxi dress, and this fabric paired with the Anna dress was perfect.

I cut a 12 grading out to 14 at the waist (as previously), but as I've lost weight this version feels a little loose around the waist. No bad thing for the forthcoming holiday binges.... I also think I need to add half an inch or so to the bodice length for it to sit on my waist a bit better.  If I remember I might do that next time!

I love this pattern, but being comparatively short (I took 6 inches off the skirt length!) I'm not sure if the maxi length works for me. I think I prefer how my midi one looks.

This cotton is quite stiff and I wasn't sure how it would feel against my skin, so I lined the bodice with cotton lawn. I used french seams everywhere, and bias binding around the waist.  I even hand stitched the hem, skirt split and around the armsycle.

I'm quite proud of how the lining turned out. I didn't want to have any white peaking out of the neckline so I used the provided facing pieces attached to the lining.

It does swoosh quite well too....

But you don't get any fluffy cat pictures, as he scarpered...

(nb. neighbours cat not ours, and he likes our garden because there are lots of wild bits with small rodents to torture...)

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