Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunday Sevens - 23rd August

Sunday sevens is here again, the brainchild of Natalie at Threads and Bobbins.. So here are my 'things that happened this week that don't deserve their own blog post'....

An afternoon of cycling around Calgary visiting various Breweries. I wasn't particularly enthused about going on the morning of the event. Not sure why, just a bit tired and not wanting to have to make conversation with strangers I think. But in the end it was good - saw some people I already knew from the outdoor club and met a few more. Took the Ti bike as well, that's always good for admiring comments and geeky conversations about bike builds!

Accidentally bought some quilting pre-cuts. Have a few ideas but really should be finishing some WIPs first. Yeah, we'll see how that goes on....

First wear out for the Liberty fabric Onyx shirt (in the delightful surrounds of the office washroom...).  I think now I have three Onyx shirts I really should have a break, but I am completely converted to working with Liberty Tana Lawn. It is such nice soft fabric.

My first Calgary Modern Quilt Guild meeting. The Show and Tell was brilliant, so many cool ideas! Although the first question for my quilt was 'are you on Instagram?' And as soon as everyone started their showing and telling, the phones were out and snapping away like the paparazzi. It was hilarious!

Everyone has to see this picture of the shirt cuffs on my Butterick 5526. I am excessively proud of how they turned out...  The more I make the more I learn about taking my time and not rushing, and ironing. I usually hate ironing, but it has a big impact on how neat the finish looks.

My first big hiking day in Canada.  Friday we had a complete day of rain in Calgary which meant there was snow in the mountains, and when we turned up at the trail head at Moraine Lake on Saturday it was minus 2 degrees.  The route up Eiffel Peak takes the main sentinel pass trail (which was clear) and then branches off to follow the ridge line up to the summit.  Here's the view after we left the main trail and headed towards the ridge and then on to Eiffel Peak on the left of the photo.

Yeah, the getting through those rock bands near the summit were a bit sketchy.  Loose screen covered with a thin layer of fresh snow. We think we were still on the trail, but it was a little hard to see the cairns under the snow!  Amusingly we started with a group of six, two gave up on the lower slopes of the ridge when it got a bit rocky.  Then we reached a gully that required some scrambling and a further two of the group retreated.  But there we were joined by a couple of guys from BC, one of them decided against the gully scramble and the other continued on with me and the other remaining member of the original group.  So of eight, three of us made it to the summit!

Bonus!! And just because it was such a great day, you get an extra Rockies photo!


  1. I love the top print on your pre-cut squares - can I ask where it is from? I would like to make a dress with that!
    Well done on the hiking & your shirt cuffs are very neat :-)

    1. Its cute isn't it ! I was thinking the same. It is the Cotton & Steel August collection. I got the pre cuts from Dinky doo, but you can get yardage from - this looks like the right one...