Monday, 31 August 2015

Sunday Sevens - 30th August

Off to Huntsville, Alabama this week for a training course at company HQ so this weeks Sunday Seven will mostly involve meat and beer....

1. However I did manage to get to the NASA Rocket Center before the course started... It was fantastic! I could have spent another couple of hours there at least.... The Saturn V rocket was amazing!

An hour queuing got us lunch at the Chuckwaggon BBQ. Rustic is the word. The meat was fantastic though!

I can't go to a new city without checking out the fabric store! This is Hancock Fabrics. I was very good and bought shirt fabric for Mal, lining fabric for a planned jacket, some navy ponte Roma for work skirt or cardi, and a yard of dark heavy chambray. So the only unplanned purchase was the Chambray.

Ice cream made to order. Using nitrogen. Nice gimmick. Doesn't taste any different to normal ice cream! 

Had some very nice beer at the Rocket brewery.

Last night meal at Texas de Brazil. Lots of meat and alcohol consumed!

Managed to time our flights perfectly so I got back to Calgary within an hour of Mal getting in from Heathrow. Had a lazy day exploring Inglewood, Calgary's oldest neighbourhood. Some cool architecture and funky shops! Where else would you buy your Japanese cooking knife??


  1. Looks like you've had a lovely week - I never thought that there was much to do in Huntsville but that NASA centre looks amazing. Love Hancock's - it's my local fabric shop now. I find they have good fabric in the sales all the time :-)

    1. Me neither!!! But I had a great time and the weather was fortunately 'unseasonably cool'! The Rocket centre is brill and only $20 so an absolute bargain, well worth it if you're not too far away (not sure where you are in AL). They do a bus tour that goes into Redstone base as well, but that's only open to US citizens :-(