Monday, 1 April 2013


It really did seem like a good idea at the time..... Rob had the idea of meeting up at Oulton Park to watch the supercars in the GT championship and the single-seater F3 cup, and I thought it would be great to cycle there and back as its only around (the 25 mile) corner.

It was a great idea.  For summer.  Unfortunately at this point, I'm struggling to imagine spring turning up let alone summer.  It was freezing and windy and we're not very fit.  There was a lot of complaining.  And when we got there and put all our spare clothes on (we went prepared), it still took 2 hours for my feet to defrost.  Luckily it had warmed up and the wind had slackened by the time we cycled home.

We didn't really do much over the Easter weekend - more chilling out and not trying to do stuff.  The garden is still covered in snow so all I did was plant my Alstroemeria tubers in pots in the polytunnel (they'd been sat on the kitchen window ledge in water for weeks and were sprouting nicely!), and extract a few other pots of things from under the snow to put in the tunnel as well.

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