Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Almost enough time in the day

Sometimes it's nice when external forces mean that you just can't do some of the things on the list.  I always have so many things in my head that 'need' doing and I never get as much done as I feel I should.  It's something that I constantly beat myself up over.

Last weekend, I just couldn't do some things.  It snowed. Lots. Almost 2ft of snow over a couple of days. So not much could be done in the garden. No biking or running. And the only sewing I could do was those projects that I had the supplies for as there was no point even trying to drive anywhere.

So, one project I hadn't even looked at was the bunting I promised to make for the dining room.  I let Mal pick out the fabric ages ago and just never got around to starting. I quite like making bunting as its a relatively quick (half a day all in) and it looks so smart when it's done.

Even though there was deep snow (for North Wales/Cheshire border, that is deep) there was still an opportunity for some gardening.  I had to clear the snow from the polytunnel anyway so while I was out there I planted five of the early potato tubers.  I was going to experiment by planting some tubers outside and some in the tunnel to see what the difference in growth was - but with the snow around, I don't think I'll be planting the outside ones for a week or two. They'll just have to continue chitting on the window ledge!

The experiment continued with the planting of carrot and turnip seeds in the tunnel - it's a bit early for outside planting but I'm hoping the extra protection will give an early crop.  And as well as them , tomato, chili, sweet pepper, broccoli and sprouts seedlings all went into seed trays to be kicked off on the window ledge.

As well as all that, there was a bit of progress on the Battenburg quilt - I've made over half the blocks now, and the strips for the border are all sewn together.  And I've even sewn some of the binding on the Christmas table mats. I really should crack on with them and get them finished and out of the way.

So all in all, it's been a highly productive weekend!

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