Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Could resist no longer

I've been really strict with myself over the last few months about finishing projects before starting the next one, even though there's fabric already in the house and plans in my head!

But today I was doing a bit of research on disappearing 9 patch patterns and came across a disappearing 4 patch quilt that just looked fantastic (linky). I was planning on using the Dan Bennett Cosmos fat quarter pack to make a trellis style patchwork, but I was so inspired that I completely dropped that idea for the 4 patch. In fact I was so inspired that I once I got home from work I had to drop all the evenings plans (well, it was only running) to start cutting and sewing just so I could complete some blocks.

In the end I managed to complete 4 blocks - and I absolutely adore them... Can't wait to get cracking on the rest, although I did work out that I could make 48 blocks from all the fabric that I've got so it could be a larger quilt than I envisaged, unless some blocks end up on the back....

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