Thursday, 21 March 2013

So little willpower

I really should have been cracking on with getting some more blocks done for the Battenburg Quilt, but I got distracted again.  Last weekend the post arrived with a Moda Jelly Roll of Eat your Fruit and Veg batik fabric.... The plan for this was to do a strip quilt (best tutorial for this here), so I thought, that'll be quick and easy lets give it a go!

So the first thing to do was mess up the fabrics....

Hopefully this will randomise the order of the strips.

Then it was time to join all the strips on the shortest side, so that you get one continuous very long strip...

Once you've got that, you then fold in half and join on the long side (so it's then half the length, but double the width).

This first join took ages.... And my top thread kept breaking, and the tension was a bit off.

So I decided to clean out my machine (I haven't done it since I got it - I know I'm a bad person).  The large quantity of lint under the needle plate might have something to do with why it was struggling...

Eventually I did the first join, and then the subsequent ones were a lot quicker, until it got to the point where it looked like this!  I just need to work out what to do with it now - I think I might add a black border and binding, should look quite striking with the brightly coloured batiks.  I was planning on giving it away but I am tempted to keep it for me!


  1. Ace quilt! You will have to get it finished in time to do lots of arty pics of it in the snow!

  2. I need to get some more supplies first - thinking some very bright variegated thread? Not sure on the quilt design, might have to be my first free motion quilt!